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Stone flooring tiles

We've got a huge selection of flagstone floor tiles, and aged stone tiles, all our natural stone floor ranges are on display including limestone flooring exclusive to us at low prices. Our range includes slate tiles from Brazil, limestone from Jerusalem, premium quality travertine, and mosaic artistically made from small pieces of marble, travertine and limestone.

Stone walling tiles

Natural stone adds a element of sophistication to your home. Its wonderful appearance, ease of maintenance and inherent cleanliness makes it a ideal choice for wall tile. The Tile Shop offers a wide variety of stone wall tiles in vivid colors and rich textures. Stone wall tiles come in a variety of sizes, finishes, and types. Without the common shortcomings of most wall coverings such as peeling, cracking, and fading, natural stone is a lasting and valuable option for any wall in your home.

Bath tiles

Color can greatly affect the human psyche: it can induce feeling and set the mood. When beginning a design, it is important to find out what colors calm you. Begin with a neutral base, such as beige. Brighter colors can be brought in through accent tiles and accessories.


For the best in kitchen countertops, Our full line of countertops include many selections like corian, marble, granite, quartz, kitchen countertops, quartz countertops, bathroom surfaces, grantie countertops,and more for your new countertop for home or hotel.

Vanity tops

Vanity tops are one of our specialties. We have over 15 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing vanity tops. From standard sizes to custom layouts we can provide the size, shape and material to fit your needs and budget. You can have aprons matching the top material with optional facial tissue slots and toilet tissue dispensers or wood aprons designed to meet your needs.

Shower panel

China Hotel Granite Shower Panels and China Granite Shower Panels,Granite Tub Surround,Tub Surround,Granite Shwer Surrounds,Granite Countertop,Granite Bath Surrounds,Hotel Vanity Top,Bathroom Sink,Bathroom Vanities,Marble Tub Suround,Cultured Marble Tub Surround,Granite Threshold,provided by China Newstar

Bath tray

Stone shower set bath tray, Find complete details about shower tray,bath tray,stone shower base from China Newstar Stone Company. You may also find other shower tray,bath tray,stone shower base products

Stone sink

Natural stone sinks may be found in the bathrooms of today but they were built by the Earth of yesterday.The Stone Sinks Store does not just sell a product; we sell a passion for stone. The uniqueness, the warmth and the exclusivity that comes from our natural stone sinks is evident once installed in your new bathroom.

Stone accessories

Granite shower base, granite base, granite shower wall, granite tub tile, granite wall panles, marble shower panel, marble tub surrounds, granite shower panel, granite shower surround, Bathroom shower tray, granite wall surrounds, granite shelf, threshold. window sills, granite vanity top for hotel

Trash can

The elegance of this stone and stainless steel trash can compliments tasteful interiors. Recommended for indoor use. Fire-safe galvanized steel liner.

Stone sculpture/Irregular

We are supplying a wide range of construction stone products with high quality and in the lowest cost position. Products are stone fireplace with simple design and sculpture statue carvings, solid marble column and hollow marble column and stone pillars, marble & sandstone baluster with different carving and sizes, stone bathtubs in white marble, yellow marble, black marble, door surround carving and window surround carving for exterior of building etc.

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