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 Decorative stone Calacutta White, national origin, Italy, is the leader in imported marble, both internationally renowned hotels such as Wynn Macau Diamond Casino; or ordinary home interior design, and ultimately, Calacutta White of the figure.

Decorative Stone Rose White, also known as Rose Red, or glacier wizard. As a rookie in building materials, rose Shiraai the Calacutta White, there are a lot of advantages:

First, the decorative stone roses white Calacutta White cheaper than the price, the price is high. Not only suitable for high-end residential, hotel decoration, also suitable for general home decoration.

Second, decorative stone roses white jade texture better, but is crystal quality, good transparency, easy contamination. Decorative stone Calacutta White is typical of marble, light transmittance is almost zero, likely to be contaminated.

Third, decorative stone roses and white color style: enlivened with red and black on white, richer colors, a large area for the interior design, not only fresh and clean, and cozy, warm rain. Decorative stone Calacutta White color style: black and gray on white interleaving, the color is more monotonous, a large area for the interior design, is easy to give a traditionally cold feeling.

Fourth, decorative stone texture white roses small changes, decorative stone Calacutta White variation in texture.

Rose White


Calacutta White

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