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Sandstone paver is a sedimentary rock, which is composed mainly of calcium carbonate, quartz, and iron oxide. Sandstone Pavers (being made of sedimentary rock) are formed over hundreds and thousands of years at the bottom of our ocean, beaches and lying throughout our rivers beds.

Sandstone Pavers come in a variety of warm and natural colors. They can also be cut to any size paver you may desire. Several patterns are also available.Sandstone Paver colors are very rich in texture. Being a natural product , Pavers are a blend of several colors and will never be matched by any man made colored pavers. Sandstone pavers also come in a wide variety of colors. One of the most popular colors still used today is the traditional sandy color. Other common colors include yellow, gold, cream beige, tan, brown, blue, green, and reds. Sometimes these paver colors can also include pastel blues, pinks and lime green. This is due to iron deposits forming fossil like images. 

Brownstone and Bluestone are also Sandstone; they are just called different names because they are different in a color. Mint Sandstone, Black Sandstone, Gold Sandstone and Grey Sandstone are also sandstone colors.All Sandstone Pavers have many different streaks and splashes of color 

throughout them. This makes Sandstone quite unique in color.


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