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Apart from the river rock, there are other two important decorative rocks, one is the Volcanic or Lava rock, another one is the crushed rock. If you are planning to apply them at your garden, you could take the following information into account.
For volcanic rock, it is rock that has been formed after lava from a volcano or other eruption has occurred. Lava rock is typically either red or black, and can be used to offset shrubbery or other yard fixtures and provides dramatic contrast to the objects around it. It is typically fairly sharp, and uncomfortable to walk on barefoot, so it is not recommended for pathways or around pools. Lava rock tends to be more expensive than other types of rock, and so should likely be considered as a contrasting or enhancing material as opposed to the staple.
While for the crushed rock, it comes in a variety of sizes and colors, similar to river rock, but instead of tumbled to make it smooth, it is crushed which creates jagged, asymmetrical edges to the rock. It generally doesn't settle to a flat surface, but creates a surface that is irregular and complex. From a design standpoint, it is best used in small doses, and it too is uncomfortable to walk on barefoot. Crushed rock is commonly used for gravel or rock driveways. The smallest size, which ranges from dust particles to less than half and inch creates fill for larger rocks. The effect of covering larger rocks with the smaller type creates a surface that is almost completely level and even.
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