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Stone and wood have been the basic building blocks of home construction for generations. Genuine stone and siding are both used extensively in sidings, but artificial wood and are also being used. Combining wood and siding is a common design approach. The two textures provide visual elements that complement each other well.

Country and New England style houses are often sided primarily with clapboard, with a low stone accent wall along the bottom of the house. Other accents may include rings of stone around doors, windows and other openings and stone columns at the corners of the house. The stones can be either flat for a more traditional look, or edge stacked for an up-to-date feel. The color of the siding should correlate with the tones of the stone, either matching the stone, or with a complementary but contrasting color. Since siding is above, short houses typically look best with lighter siding and darker stone, whereas taller houses work well either way.

Meanwhile, stone with sided trim is also quite popular. Most homes that are primarily stone have some sided trim and accents. Since areas such as eaves are difficult to cover with stone, so the traditional soffit and fascia are normally used. Other areas that may be sided on primarily stone homes are the trim around doors and windows. Most stone veneers that run the full height of the wall are flat mounted with grout, rather than edge stacked, which tends to look busy in that large an installation. Vinyl clapboard, again, is the easiest and least expensive choice for trimming a primarily stone house.

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