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Sculpture is almost as old as and humanity itself. Human become an important symbol of the higher animals is to create tools, but more important is to create the image. The world famous stone statue of Venus "David", which are the classic works of memorable people. Now, whether it is in people's lives, or in a public building, the marble statue give indoor or outdoor space to add classical elements.

The marble statue of a small gap or dent is difficult to avoid. How to fix it?
Actually very simple, can be some of the material and patience can easily repair a marble statue. Super glue mixed with baking soda or rice. Form a translucent quality marble-like instant glue. Add some marble powder that matches the color of the statue. Buy a keg for decoration wall plastering. Prepare a certain amount of material, so that it is fully dried. Compare the color of the finished color and marble statues. Plastic shovel to fill the missing parts of the statue finishing with a soft cloth to wipe off any excess part. The marble statue of the area needs to be filled with a high sand sandpaper gently scrubs. With a clean cloth to remove dust particles.

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